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Halloween Stories

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On Halloween we had a story telling session. We invented our own scary stories and told them to our classmates. They were scared stiff!

Read if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A long time ago in a sweet and humble neighbourhood there was a little home in which a family lived. There were three people in the family; the mother, the father and a little and really beautiful daughter. Everything was normal until one day there was an accident and a terrible fire.

The daughter was upstairs and the parents were not in the house. They were working and they got enough money to pay a babysitter to take care of their daughter. So she was alone in the house and nobody heard her screams of horror as she was being burned. The house was finished, destroyed with the little daughter inside of it.

Afterwards this neighbourhood was a very affluent zone of the city. A family decided to by the land of the, ‘House of the Horror Screams’. They built a new house on there. Each night the dead daughter appeared in exactly the same place where she died but it was now in the living room of the house. But one day she appeared just like when she died, shouting horrible screams of pain that everybody in the house could hear. She told everybody that something horrible will happen. Two days later the house was burnt without any reason, killing every member of the family.

Now, nobody will build a house on there. Recently, the house has been built again and it’s ready to be bought. Would you like to the next?

Manuel Jose Varcarcel Dominguez, Luis Jose Morion Gil and Guillermo Alvarez Calvo.

If you are not too scared, read on for another hair-raising story!!!!
Once upon a time there was a man who worked in a shopping centre. He had a normal life but one day during his day he started to see himself doing other things that he wasn’t doing in the changing room’s mirror. He looked at the other side of the room and when he saw the mirror again he was still seeing himself. So he tried to leave the room but he couldn’t because the door was locked. Then the reflection of the mirror killed himself. The next day the shopping centre burned and a lot of people died. It was an enormous disaster but the mirrors of all the shopping centre were untouched. A new shopping centre was built there with everything new except the mirrors.

A new man started to work in the same place as the other man. He had a family and children. One day he saw, in one of the mirrors of the shopping centre, a handprint. He tried to clean it but he couldn’t. He was a bit scared so when he returned home he told his family. He started to be obsessed with the mirrors. He started to see himself burning in flames in the mirrors but he wasn’t really burning although he thought he was!

Suddenly, he saw a name written in the mirror. So he looked at the name and he discovered a mad woman that was in a convent.

The woman in the convent told him that her spirit had been trapped in the mirror. He helped her set her spirit free. In the end she was free and the mirrors went back to normal.


Erical Cardoso Gil, Marine Perez Jimenez and Alejandra Tamayo Gonzalez

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