miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Christmas Writing competition
Our Competition this year has been particularly festive - our students gave Father Christmas their Christmas wish lists and told him why they deserve their presents.  Ity seems like we have some real angels in the academy at the moment as our students all claimed to help their mothers in the house and do all their homework!  Well, Father Christmas knows the truth!  And it was him that judged our competition this month!
Our winner in the younger age group was Nuria Perez Huerga.  She does her homework everyday and would like a doll for Christmas - I hope her wish comes true and Santa brings her all the things she wants.
Our teen winner is Pablo Torres Mozas - Pablo helps his friends with their homework and does chores in his house - He sounds like he deserves his dream present of a play station 3!
Thank you to all our winners and all our students who took part.  I'm sure Santa will deliver what you've asked for. 
Happy Christmas to all our students!

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