martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Tips for exam success!

Well done to all our PET, FCE and CAE Express students - You all had a very good start with your exam practice.  Here are some hints to help you improve for next time.

Remember to answer all the questions - You do not get marked down if you get an answer wrong so if in doubt, take an educated guess!
Be careful that you do not write more than one answer against a question.  A few of you did this and you lost marks!
Be careful that you write the correct answer next to the correct question!  This is important as you will not get the marks.  Check your answers carefully.

PET Reading and Writing
In Writing part 1 you must write 1 to 3 words.  If you write more than three words, you will not get any marks!

In Writing part 2 you must answer all the points.  If you do not answer all the points, you will not get full marks even if you answer is grammatically perfect!

Try to remember these tips for the next Reading (FCE B2, CAE C1) and Reading and Writing (PET B1) test you take.