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Writing competition May 2009

Writing Competition May 2009
Our writing competition is going from strength to strength. Thank you to all our students who have put so much time and effort into their entries. As ever there can only be one winner from each age group and here they are.

Congratulations to Maria Yolanda Villegas Fernandez (age group 7-11)

Here, is Maria with her classmates who are busy preparing for their MOVERS exam!

and Alejandra Tamayo Gonzalez (age group 12 -16)

Alejandra and her classmates are just about to take their First Certificate exam. They have been studying hard for months. Good luck to you all!

The theme this month was Feria (of course). Alejandra wrote a letter to her pen pal telling her all about Feria while Maria wrote about how much she likes the lights In Feria!
Thank you for your wonderful entries throughout this academic year. Our writing competition will resume in September.
Make sure you don’t miss out!

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