jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

TENIDIOMAS is now open for enrolment! We will offer you guidance in which course is the best for you or you child.  New students are invited to attend a level test to ensure they are in a class which perfectly suits their age and ability.  Adults who are considering taking an exam course should do the online test at http://www.tenidiomas.com/ .

Our opening times are 10am - 1.30pm and  4pm -10pm

We have just opened a CAE Express course for students who would like to sit the December 2011 CAE exam. This is a new and exciting addition to our Express range of courses.  There are still some places available on our PET Express and FCE Express courses.  This year we have extra classes in the morning and early evening to fit into your busy schedules. Find out more at http://www.tenidiomas.com/

Term starts on September 19th - We can't wait to get started!