lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Lucia and Rachel celebrating Lucia's spooky success!
Halloween Writing Competition 2012

Lucia and her classmates
The winners of our spook-tastic Halloween writing competition are Lucia Vega and  Manuel Graván Bru. Lucia told us all about her best friend who is a ghost called Billy!  Billy likes dancing to Michael Jackson and dressing up like him too!  Manuel wrote an invitation to a party where we will ' ...drink blood and listen to strange, dark music'.  Sounds like a good party!  Watch this space for pictures of our Halloween festivities - If you are the sensitive type, avoid Tenidiomas on Tuesday and Wednesday because it will be full of vampires, witches and terrible monsters!
Manuel with his classmates and teacher  receiving his certificate and prize

Manuel and his proud teacher, Dalia

The next writing competition will be about Christmas! Yes, it's that time already!