lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

 Halloween Horror!

Halloween thrills and spills were enjoyed by one and all last week at TENIDIOMAS.  Check out our pictures!  But be careful they are very scary!

Everyone made an effort to dress up.  We even had dragons this year!
Our Patch students brought pumpkins to class!

Spooky ghosts and spookier students!

You had to be brave to walk the corridors as all kinds of witches and demons could be seen!

Even the Grim Reaper has to do his homework!

Our Movers students made a magic spell!

Zombies stalked the academy!

Our Movers 2 class made a super scary effort - What a terrifying group!

Starters 1 - Vampires and witches galore

Starters 2 - A coven of witches came to school to cause mayhem!
What a devilishly delightful day we had singing songs, making ghosts and spells and all things spooky! Thanks to all our students for dressing up and making it such fun.