lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Feria Writing Competition 2013

We had all the fun of the fair in this month's competition with our feria theme.  Claudia Castro Corrales is the winner of our 7 -11 year olds with her beautiful drawings of the casetas and people dancing.  her favourite thing about the feria is hotdogs!  Ana Navarro Diosdado produced a marvellous letter telling her penpal all about the feria - Ana's favourite thing about feria is the funfair.  What a shame that all the fun of feria is over for another year - although you can come and see the displays of our students' work if you are missing it already.

Dalia and her proud students congratulate their classmate!

Dalia shows her beaming smile as her students have won both categories this month!
It's winner's row!  Here is Ana with her classmates who are all ex -writing competition stars!
It's difficult to believe that we only have one more writing competition before the end of term - let's make the next one the best ever!